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No Patrick McReary in Grand Theft Auto V

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Sad news for all of our Packie McReary fans. In an interview IGN had with Dan Houser, one of the creators of Grand Theft Auto, Dan Houser mentioned that we will not be seeing Packie back in Grand Theft Auto V. A true shame! Ever since we saw the ending credits for the Episodes of Liberty City it all pointed that Packie was leaving for Los Santos. Dan Houser did mention that we will see other characters back, but he would not go into the specifics.

Here is the part where he mentions that Packie will not be returning:

Will we see characters from GTA IV show up in GTA V?
Packie’s not in it. There may be the odd… They tend to be very small. The problem is that… You touched on this earlier. Because of a lot of the choices… We’ve never had a game where we’ve annihilated so much of the cast. I loved Roman, but he may or may not be dead depending on what choices you made. It would be difficult to bring him back.

So many of them were killed that we didn’t really have a large amount of the main cast left over. There may or may not be a few guest appearances. Some really subtle ones for people to find. Little Easter eggs for people.

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